Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Thanks to DakTel for Televising Foster County Commission Meetings

Notice DakTel's camera running steadily in the background.

I was just looking at an ad on FaceBook recommending DakTel's business services.  The following is a quote from the ad:

 "It's time to get busy with business network solutions from DCT. Whether you need data, voice, video, security or other services for your business, we have the technology you need to make your business run smoothly! So go ahead and get busy, and we'll make sure you can keep working it as effectively and efficiently as possible!"

When my husband and I first moved to Carrington around 10 years ago and opened a call center for our business, we were impressed with DakTel's service, even that many years ago.  They were intent on being a "state of the art" telecommunications service, and as far as I'm concerned, they accomplished their goal.  Having just moved from California, and not that far from the Silicon Valley, we were used to the latest Internet technology being created there.  We were not only happy with the quality of DakTel's service and support, but we were thrilled with the speed of the Internet connection.  It was actually faster than our service in California!

Over the years, in addition to DakTel's excellent business service, I've come to  appreciate their other services to our community... in particular the fact that they record and televise many community meetings so we can see what's happening in our local government.  In fact, it was one of DakTel's televised Foster County Commission meetings on March 4, 2014, that spurred me into writing critical articles about the way the meetings were being run.  I was appalled at the way Commission Chairman Paul Straley was yelling at community members, not allowing them to speak, and having them escorted from the meeting by Sheriff Tufte if he didn't like their input.

Later, it was due to DakTel's televised videos that my husband and I were able to defend ourselves against restraining orders brought against us by Foster County's Ex-Auditor Teresa Risovi. I suppose she didn't like the negative attention that my blogs were directing toward Straley and her, so this was her unethical way to shut us up.  During the Court hearing, DakTel's videos showed that she lied under oath in order to get restraining orders against us, and the judge dismissed both cases.  Her lies couldn't stand up against the visual truth shown by the videos.

To this day, I wonder why Ms. Risovi has never been criminally charged for those - and other actions - that were exposed on DakTel's videos. For example, where is the missing Game and Fish money that she was in charge of collecting?  A large portion of one DakTel video was dedicated to Hope Carr's investigation of the Game and Fish situation.  Her findings pointed out that Ms. Risovi was suspect - that Carr thought the auditor was responsible for those, and perhaps other missing records.  Chairman Straley had Carr ejected from that meeting by a deputy sheriff, saying that they had turned the matter over to the BCI and couldn't talk about it.  Interestingly enough, I have my own video of Heather Martin, the Assistant Auditor at that time, stating that they had NOT turned the matter over to the BCI.  Will the Foster County taxpayers ever know the truth of this matter?

Week after week, as the new officers take over, it seems that more and more irregularities are being exposed which took place during the Straley/Risovi administration. Is the community supposed to overlook the transgressions of the past, and just "let things go," as some suggest?   Or, should corrupt officials and employees be held accountable for their actions even though they have resigned from their positions?

Hopefully, DakTel will continue to record and televise our Foster County Commission meetings. Their videos are an outstanding source of information for our community. As well, it's impressive to actually see the immense change that has taken place in the quality and efficiency of our commission meetings. A big THANKS to our new administration, Chairman Bill Bauer, Jim Carr, Pat Copenhaver and Auditor Casey Cables, as well as to everyone who is supporting them in their mission to serve Foster County well.

As far as DakTel is concerned, thanks again for keeping those cameras running!

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