Thursday, March 31, 2016

Way to go, Bowdon!!!

"When The Local Grocery Story Failed, These Folks Stepped In To Lend It A Lifeline" -- This is an excellent article/radio-broadcast about the Bowdon grocery store and the resilience of its community members to keep it going. 

This small North Dakota town has a lot going for it... mainly its caring people! For years I've admired their spirit... particularly when it comes to organizing their summer Farmers Markets and their annual DuckFest event. Friends and I look forward to their Farmers Markets on Wednesdays during the summer where we find fresh produce, delicious baked goods, a yummy meal for the day, as well as local entertainment. 

Then during October's annual DuckFest, people come from all over the state to enjoy all the down-home, fun activities that take place. With all the planning and organization that go into these two events, one can see how the community could succeed at operating their own grocery store! Kudos to all the people who are involved in supporting the grocery store and making sure that it stays successful!   Way to go, Bowdon!!!

(Thanks to Reporter Meg Lindholm from National Public Radio for this report... and to Jane Zink for calling it to our attention.)