Thursday, October 11, 2018

Main Street Initiative - Meeting in Carrington, ND

Holly Holt from the North Dakota Department of Commerce
An informative meeting about Governor Burgum's "Main Street ND" initiative took place on Tuesday, October 2nd, in the new "commons room" at Carrington Elementary School. 

Denise Schuchard, Director of Economic Development for Carrington, introduced the main speaker, Holly Holt.

Denise Schuchard, Director of Economic Development
Holly Holt from the North Dakota Department of Commerce led the meeting which focused on the importance of creating an attractive Main Street community which would support the business and social needs of its current citizens, as well as attract newcomers to work and live in the area. 

As you can see from the pictures, many of Carrington's business and community leaders attended the meeting. 

Tom Erdmann - Mayor of Carrington, ND
Ms. Holt suggested that they go to the ND government website - - where they can find many tools and resources to help with creating a "healthy, vibrant community." #carringtonnd #carringtonndnews#mainstreetnd #mainstreetinitiative

Winter's First Snow - Carrington, ND

Hello, Everyone! As you can see, it has been snowing here in Carrington... with a temperature of 32 degrees and wind gusts up to 39mph. Not a good day for traveling! 

You can see our our post-worman's footprints as she delivered mail this morning... not that much snow so far....

Locally, it's probably safe enough to drive on over to Northern Plains Electric Cooperative where they're celebrating their Membership Appreciation Day. Stop in for some coffee, cider and cookies from 8am to 3:30pm. 

Did you know that the co-op is having a new hat and mittens drive throughout October? Donations can be dropped off at 1515 Main Street where they will be distributed to kids in Carrington. Way to go, Northern Plains! 

It's really great the way our businesses and organizations sponsor programs like this for our children! 

Wherever you live, I hope you're having an awesome day! If you'd like to share your location and temperature, please do. I'll try not to get envious if you're having a warm, sunny day! 

By the way, thanks for visiting! 

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Thanks to Connie Austweak for sharing her photos!

Hello, Everyone! 

Hope your October has started off nicely and you're enjoying the abundance of pumpkins and Autumn scenery! 

These pictures were sent to me by Connie Austweak who is touring all around our area and taking pictures as she goes. She says, "Found this most awesome free-will Pumpkin patch yesterday! Gene's Pumpkin Patch North of Edgeley off of Highway 281. 

They furnish you with loppers to cut your own pumpkins and an awesome display for family photos! Big shout out to them for a great evening!"

Don't you love the autumn colors and the awesome sun in the background? Thank you so much, Connie, for sharing your photos with us! 

By the way, is there a pumpkin patch in or around Carrington? If you know of one, please let us know about it. 

Our first week in October is going to be rather cloudy all week long here in Carrington with showers off and on during the week. I'm hoping the sun will peak through often and emphasize the wonderful fall colors all around our city. 

Wherever you live, if you have any Autumn pictures to share with us, please do! By the way, I always appreciate you visiting my Carrington blog, and hope you are having an AWESOME day! 

Note:  I haven't been posting many articles for this blog lately, so I've decided to start sharing posts that I write for my Facebook site.

Carrington Water Tower in Autumn

Hi, Everyone! 

On the way back from church, I took this picture of our Carrington water tower. I tried to incorporate some autumn leaves into the picture so you can see how beautiful our trees are right now. It won't be long before their leaves will be blowing off all over town and our streets will take on the stark look of Winter. 

Currently, we're enjoying very light winds today with a high of 45 degrees... turning into freezing temperatures tonight. By the end of the week, we're expecting some snow showers... sigh. 

Wherever you live, I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday with beautiful sunshine. Every time the sun peeks through the clouds in Carrington today, it turns our city into gold!

Note:  I've been rather neglectful about posting things on this blog, so I've decided to incorporate posts that I put on my Facebook site.