Thursday, October 11, 2018

Winter's First Snow - Carrington, ND

Hello, Everyone! As you can see, it has been snowing here in Carrington... with a temperature of 32 degrees and wind gusts up to 39mph. Not a good day for traveling! 

You can see our our post-worman's footprints as she delivered mail this morning... not that much snow so far....

Locally, it's probably safe enough to drive on over to Northern Plains Electric Cooperative where they're celebrating their Membership Appreciation Day. Stop in for some coffee, cider and cookies from 8am to 3:30pm. 

Did you know that the co-op is having a new hat and mittens drive throughout October? Donations can be dropped off at 1515 Main Street where they will be distributed to kids in Carrington. Way to go, Northern Plains! 

It's really great the way our businesses and organizations sponsor programs like this for our children! 

Wherever you live, I hope you're having an awesome day! If you'd like to share your location and temperature, please do. I'll try not to get envious if you're having a warm, sunny day! 

By the way, thanks for visiting! 

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