Monday, September 17, 2012

ND Steam Threshers 54th Anniversary Reunion

     This the 54th Annual Central North Dakota Steam Threshers Reunion! Take a ride out to the New Rockford Fairgrounds (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) and enjoy another year of fun activities!

     Of course, you don't want to miss getting a look at The Tractor Ride which leaves New Rockford at 9 a.m. making their way to Carrington on Thursday, September 20th.

     At the fairgrounds there will be a Daily Parade of Engines at 2 p.m. - one of the largest displays of engines in the Midwest.

     A special feature this year is the celebration of John Deere's 175th anniversary with over 175 pieces of historical JD equipment.

     The New Rockford Fairgrounds will be teeming with fun events for the whole family: wood carving, wood sawing, threshing, steam plowing, horse plowing, model train display, bingo, and lots more activities to choose from!

     As for musical entertainment, on Friday evening there will be an old-time square dance, on Saturday the Radio Stars and on Sunday the Waddingtons.  On Saturday evening there will also be a talent show!

     As for food, the Eddy County 4-H Clubs will serve a roast beef dinner on Saturday and Sunday.  For breakfast, the Cook Car Threshers will be serving daily from 6 a.m. till 2 p.m.  And for those of you who enjoy snacking throughout the day, there will be a variety of food vendors with yummy goodies for your enjoyment.

     Hope to see you at this fantastic steam threshers event!

JunkFest Day in Carrington, North Dakota

Carrington's popular JunkFest has now turned into junk festivities - all around town!  People came from all over the state to see what treasures they could find waiting for them in Carrington!
As usual, Junk-n-Java drew lots of people to see their nicely restored treasures.  People shopped and visited in a comfortable, cozy atmosphere.  Provided with coffee, cookies, uniquely beautiful creations, and friends to chat with, it was hard to leave!

Off to the Carrington Armory for arts, crafts and vendors with interesting hobbies and skills!  There was plenty of room to wander around, check out all the goods, and visit with the vendors.   


Thanks to Cassie Smith, Missy Hafner, and Lynette Caylor (the JunkFest ladies) another super fantastic JunkFest took place at the Foster County Fairgrounds.  It is absolutely due to these talented ladies that so many people trek to Carrington for this special event!




All in all, it was quite a day for people who love to find treasures among what some consider junk.  We're definitely looking forward to next year, and judging from the past, JunkFest Day in Carrington will be an even bigger and better event!!