Thursday, September 1, 2011

Carrington Senior Citizens Center

Attention, Seniors (That means members of the older generation, like myself!): If you haven't been to the Senior Citizens Center lately, you're missing out on the great activities that take place there. Just this last month I attended two meetings which were tremendously informative and interesting.

The first meeting took place at their monthly potluck where they had two special guest speakers who served in World War II. Sad to say, we don't often get a chance to be around veterans like these nowadays. It was a great honor to listen to these vets talk about the trip that they took to Washington, DC, and to view their perspective of our capitol.

The second meeting that I attended (Monday, August 29th) was a special presentation by one of our local pharmacists, Matt Paulson. He has been going to the Senior Center once a month, talking to seniors about diabetes. You come away from his "Sweet Spot" talks with lots of valuable information about how to prevent or live with diabetes. At this last meeting, I learned how important it is to count and keep track of carbs (carbohydrates), not only for diabetes control but also for weight control.

There is one more meeting in this series on September 26th at 10:30 a.m. The topic will be "Diabetes and Immunizations." Hope to see you there!