Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veterans Day Luncheon - Carrington, ND - 2017

The Veterans Day Luncheon in Carrington is always well-attended.  Folks from all around the area come to have a meal together in honor of our veterans

The local American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliaries always furnish a great meal for all to enjoy.  The kitchen at CrossRoads Golf Center is a perfect place to host an event like this..

People can relax and visit in a pleasant atmosphere.  It's especially nice when you can visit warmly inside while you're looking out the large windows at a snowy wonderland.



The Veterans Day Luncheon is a great place to bring family and friends.  The cost of the meal is free or a free-will donation which goes to services and activities for veterans.

Kudos to the ladies for these veterans auxiliaries for providing such an excellent activity and support for our veterans ... not only at this luncheon, but throughout the year.