Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Risovi tells Foster County, ND, Commission, "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!"

The audacity of Foster County Auditor Teresa Risovi is overwhelming!   Apparently she fails to understand the Foster County voters have rejected her two to one and want her to leave. Yet, she stays defiantly on, milking the system for money, while at the same time refusing to do her work. 

Risovi walked out of the commissioners ongoing meeting twice today, leaving them without someone to take notes and record an official vote.

Notice in this video clip how absolutely rude Risovi is to Commissioner Carr when he requests a personal timetable from her so the County can plan future business.

Notice her glare and her tone as she says, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Also, when Commissioner Carr asks Risovi if she is moving, she states loudly again, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!"

In this case, since Risovi's house has gone under contract since the election and she appears to be packing, Commissioner Carr had every right to be concerned and to question her about moving, since a county official has to live in the county that they represent.

However, Auditor Risovi seems to think she is still in command of the commissioners meetings as she was when Commissioner Paul Straley was there to protect her. However, without Straley to speak for her, Risovi is having to speak for herself and is showing the community what she is really like.

One can understand why Risovi was asked to resign or be terminated from several of her last jobs. None of that was on her resume, of course, so Foster County is having to suffer from not doing a background check on her. Hopefully, when the new commission officially takes over, this kind of oversight will not take place in the future.

In the meantime, how can the commissioners be expected to work with an auditor with an obvious multiple personality disorder?

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Do We Need Protection from Risovi and Her Buddies?

Although Teresa Risovi has been voted out of office, we have learned from her past, and from her actions as auditor, that we may still need to protect ourselves and Foster County from her and her special buddies who don't care whom they hurt with their lies.  Risovi is still officially auditor till April 1, 2015... unless she resigns.  Over 1,000 voters in Foster County are hoping that she will leave peacefully and immediately.

Travis Carr gave me permission to post the following statement on my website.  It is his perspective of what has been happening in the past year due to Auditor Risovi's and Chairman Straley's accusations and actions.

Posted on October 29 at 11:20pm:
One day last Fall my world basically got rocked when I visited the Foster County Courthouse and I was informed that there was a big investigation the day before...

I was told the County auditor of around 30 years had resigned and my dad was being named as an accomplice in a case involving missing money. Something to the tune of $13,000 or so. The person that called and got the ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation involved was someone I had paid very little attention to when people I knew were talking about "shady dealings" about her appointment to the Emergency Manager job she was originally hired for under much controversy. (Teresa Risovi)

My dad has done a lot for many people in the community and honestly, would not need to steal money.

A forensic Audit was done by Eide Bailey along with a thorough investigation by the ND BCI and guess what...NO MISSING MONEY. Basically the money they thought was missing was actually a misunderstanding with the FEMA directors(Teresa Risovi) perception of how the split between the Federal and county have an obligation to split the funds.

Again let me say, no money missing.
Several charges were dismissed on my dad but there are two felony charges remaining dealing with two things:
- An elderly lady made a payment agreement with the auditors office and got to stay in her house.
- And the missing money.

The two things above:
The charge is not about whether or not it was handled properly but the charge is called "conspiracy to commit misapplication of public funds."

It is not even about whether Roger was right or wrong to let an elderly lady keep her house by making payments instead of selling off her house to the highest bidder, it is about whether Roger Schotman and Jim Carr Conspired(worked together) to do that.

The second charge was about the original accusation of $13,000 of missing money.

Eide Bailey did a forensic audit and the money was never missing, just the original accuser attempting to further her agenda. Why wasn't it dropped???? It is my opinion that they may lose "probable cause" on the whole investigation if they dropped this particular charge. No money missing.

Lately my wife and I got more involved when she claimed ND Game and Fish license money missing and was turning it over to the ND BCI when she has little understanding of how Game and Fish licensing works. It was especially troubling when we realized we hadn't been billed by the auditors office(like what normally happened by a visit from the auditor every few months) since Teresa had taken office in the auditor position.

We did the right thing and paid what our record keeping showed we owed and turned in our sold licenses. A fairly straight forward procedure when records are kept.

That night we received a nasty facebook post aimed in our direction insinuating that Dry Dock Sports was stealing the money that was "missing".

Well, long story short we have been gathering information ever since, we started sharing the details the last few days and her very small group of followers have been trashing us once again. IT is to the point where my wife is worried for the safety of our children and herself. It is amazing that the small amount of people on her side get a pass to say and do as they want(I.E. but we are "bullies". WTF.

Teresa Risovi has left a trail of destruction and hard feelings behind her everywhere she has worked. It is amazing the amount of her former coworkers and others that have been scarred by her in the past have come forward to us offering help, support and encouragement. Many of these people cannot talk due there fear of her vengeance(which has proven significant).

This whole fiasco has taken a tremendous amount of time away from far more important things such as running business, harvesting, raising our kids, and many other things all because of two people and their agenda.

Luckily they both will most likely be voted out this Tuesday.

Just my little rant for tonight since we didn't have time to scan more documents corroborating a very mentally disturbed person's past.


At the time that Travis posted this message, many people posted comments in support of what he had to say.  My husband posted the following comment:

Ted Keller - I still remember back a year ago this November my wife Judy, waking me up to tell me that Jimmy and Roger were arrested. We were in Phoenix at the time. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it because I know Jimmy would never take a penny from the people. Later I read, one of the charges was helping a person keep their home from being sold for taxes. It just so happens when Jimmy and Roger helped this person there were two people that wanted to steal/buy this lady's home for taxes. They contacted "Pauley" AKA Chairman Paul Straley and true to form, he got the BCI on the job going after Jimmy and Roger. The names of those two people are in the records of the proceedings.
October 30 at 6:53pm

Wednesday, November 5, 2014



The election results show that the Foster County voters have given a resounding rejection of the "Risovi/Straley Team." According to the ND Century Code, you may be able to survive and leech money from the taxpayers till April 1, 2015.

We, and over-1000 taxpayers of Foster County who voted against you, ask you to do the right thing and resign immediately. This would allow Casey Cables to assume office and work with your assistant, Heather Martin, to try to remedy the damage you've done.

Do the right thing for once, and RESIGN.

For viewers who feel the same way, feel free to copy the above request and e-mail it to the auditor's office:

Foster County ND General Election Results - November 4, 2014

Congratulations to everyone who participated in our local election. Whether you received the most votes or not, you should all be commended for making an effort to serve our community. Best wishes to you all!

Bill Bauer 1081
Jim Carr 907
Pat Copenhaver 699
Paul Straley 391
Write in 20

Casey Cables 1013
Teresa Risovi 536
Write in 43

Paul Murphy 1121
Write in 291

Lynelle Hoppe 1335
Cheryl Fettig 268
Write in 4

Noreen Barton 1472
Write in 17

Michael Tufte 1233
Danielle Rosewaren 340
Write in 26

The Independent 1414

Property Tax Exemption for
New/Expanding Retail in
Yes 496
No 473

Link To Foster County Results:

Link to ND State Measures Results:

Monday, November 3, 2014


ENOUGH!! Ms. Risovi/Dietrich/Calkins, your past is now in view for all to see - in spite of all your efforts to keep it secret.

It has now been revealed officially that Risovi filed for bankruptcy in late August of 2008, under the last names of Dietrich and Calkins.  She failed to reveal this important fact when she applied to be Emergency Manager and later when she applied to become Foster County Auditor. (Remember how Straley insisted that Risovi was "the right person for the job" - without doing a background check.)

The auditor of a county is the CFO of the county.  When one exams Risovi's  bankruptcy it's easy to see it was filed because she just didn't want to pay her bills.  She wasn't unemployed, didn't rack up bills from an uninsured illness or pay off the debts from a previous marriage as she has falsely claimed.

Risovi revealed that she didn't think it was important to disclose her bankruptcy to the commission or the taxpayers because she knew Foster County didn't do background checks.  Spoken like the true sociopath that Risovi is... If you don't check my background, that's your (in this case the Foster County taxpayers) problem.  

Risovi's bankruptcy shows someone that wrote bad checks and bankrupted on her dentist, car repair shop, tax preparer and her local grocery store.

Risovi's recent bankruptcy would preclude her from getting a job as a teller in a bank, work at the post office or any place where record keeping and money come in contact.
What $6 million plus corporation would knowingly employ a bankrupt, bad check writer to handle their finances and be their CFO? There are none.  

If Risovi's  bankrupcty alone would disqualify from holding a position of trust in the private sector, as well as every other government sector, why is she qualified to be the Auditor of Foster County?

Lastly, the real question is... Would you trust her with YOUR checkbook to pay YOUR bills when she didn't pay her own?

Risovi has made numerous unproven allegations about her opponent's lack of experience.  All of Risovi's experience economically in financial matters is absolutely the worst!  Apparently, Risovi never learned the old adage that one who lives in a glass house should not throw stones.