Monday, November 3, 2014


ENOUGH!! Ms. Risovi/Dietrich/Calkins, your past is now in view for all to see - in spite of all your efforts to keep it secret.

It has now been revealed officially that Risovi filed for bankruptcy in late August of 2008, under the last names of Dietrich and Calkins.  She failed to reveal this important fact when she applied to be Emergency Manager and later when she applied to become Foster County Auditor. (Remember how Straley insisted that Risovi was "the right person for the job" - without doing a background check.)

The auditor of a county is the CFO of the county.  When one exams Risovi's  bankruptcy it's easy to see it was filed because she just didn't want to pay her bills.  She wasn't unemployed, didn't rack up bills from an uninsured illness or pay off the debts from a previous marriage as she has falsely claimed.

Risovi revealed that she didn't think it was important to disclose her bankruptcy to the commission or the taxpayers because she knew Foster County didn't do background checks.  Spoken like the true sociopath that Risovi is... If you don't check my background, that's your (in this case the Foster County taxpayers) problem.  

Risovi's bankruptcy shows someone that wrote bad checks and bankrupted on her dentist, car repair shop, tax preparer and her local grocery store.

Risovi's recent bankruptcy would preclude her from getting a job as a teller in a bank, work at the post office or any place where record keeping and money come in contact.
What $6 million plus corporation would knowingly employ a bankrupt, bad check writer to handle their finances and be their CFO? There are none.  

If Risovi's  bankrupcty alone would disqualify from holding a position of trust in the private sector, as well as every other government sector, why is she qualified to be the Auditor of Foster County?

Lastly, the real question is... Would you trust her with YOUR checkbook to pay YOUR bills when she didn't pay her own?

Risovi has made numerous unproven allegations about her opponent's lack of experience.  All of Risovi's experience economically in financial matters is absolutely the worst!  Apparently, Risovi never learned the old adage that one who lives in a glass house should not throw stones.

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