Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Risovi tells Foster County, ND, Commission, "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!"

The audacity of Foster County Auditor Teresa Risovi is overwhelming!   Apparently she fails to understand the Foster County voters have rejected her two to one and want her to leave. Yet, she stays defiantly on, milking the system for money, while at the same time refusing to do her work. 

Risovi walked out of the commissioners ongoing meeting twice today, leaving them without someone to take notes and record an official vote.

Notice in this video clip how absolutely rude Risovi is to Commissioner Carr when he requests a personal timetable from her so the County can plan future business.

Notice her glare and her tone as she says, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Also, when Commissioner Carr asks Risovi if she is moving, she states loudly again, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!"

In this case, since Risovi's house has gone under contract since the election and she appears to be packing, Commissioner Carr had every right to be concerned and to question her about moving, since a county official has to live in the county that they represent.

However, Auditor Risovi seems to think she is still in command of the commissioners meetings as she was when Commissioner Paul Straley was there to protect her. However, without Straley to speak for her, Risovi is having to speak for herself and is showing the community what she is really like.

One can understand why Risovi was asked to resign or be terminated from several of her last jobs. None of that was on her resume, of course, so Foster County is having to suffer from not doing a background check on her. Hopefully, when the new commission officially takes over, this kind of oversight will not take place in the future.

In the meantime, how can the commissioners be expected to work with an auditor with an obvious multiple personality disorder?

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