Monday, December 5, 2011

Tree of Lights

Marie Brennan was honored by the CHC Auxiliary as the originator of the "Tree of Lights" ceremony at its 25th anniversary on Tuesday, November 29th. She is pictured in the above slide show with her granddaughter, Erin Schaffer, who will become the new chairperson in charge of this event in the future.

Each light on the "Tree of Lights" represents the memory of a loved one, placed there to honor them during the Christmas season. As you can see, the tree was absolutely filled with lights of all colors.

People looked up in appreciation as the Tree of Lights was lit, and at the same moment a "falling star" shot across the sky. As several of the onlookers exclaimed, it was "Awesome!"

A quilt hanging was presented to Marie Brennan by the CHC Auxiliary for her long years of service and dedication to this popular community event.

Peggy Smith, President of the Carrington Health Center Auxiliary, and Dorothy Fenske (the CHC Auxiliary Volunteer Coordinator) wish to thank everyone for supporting this worthy community tradition. (All contributions to the Tree of Lights go toward hospital and community serviceprojects.)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Carrington Health Center's Annual Christmas Dinner

The Carrington Health Center Auxiliary recently honored its volunteers at their annual Christmas dinner on Thursday, December 1st. The Holy Family Villa Activity Room was beautifully decorated, and a delicious dinner was prepared and served by ladies from the CHC Dietary Department.

Laurie Struxness and Joyce Pepple presented special Christmas music along with the historical significance of each song.

Peggy Smith, CHC Auxiliary President, and Dorothy Fenske, Volunteer Coordinator, reported on the many service projects, donations, and additions to the hospital and community that they were responsible for in the year 2011. They also expressed thanks to the community businesses who were outstanding in their support.

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer with the CHC Auxiliary can contact Dorothy at 652-7194.