Sunday, May 24, 2015


At the Foster County Commission meeting today, May 19, 2015, newly appointed Sheriff Ian Mattice requested and received funding for a taser gun for the officer on duty. He explained that a taser gun is essential in the use of non-deadly force. With the influx of unknown, out-of-area people going to the oil fields, police officers are being faced with more and more dangerous incidents that have not happened in the past. For example, an incident took place in Foster County on Friday, May 15th, just a few days ago, where a taser gun could have come in handy in the apprehension of a wanted felon who had numerous warrants out for his arrest.

Please read the report that Sheriff Mattice submitted to us after the commission meeting today, concerning the incident that took place on Friday:

"On 5-15-2015, approximately 1130 hours, Deputies from the Foster County Sheriff's Department attempted to pull over a vehicle for not having a muffler. The vehicle fled and led the Deputies on a high speed pursuit with speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. The suspect led the Deputies on gravel roads into Eddy County, and ended up pulling on to a farmyard where the driver got stuck in the mud. The vehicle continued to try to get out, rocking back and forth while Deputies approached. Eddy County Sheriff's Department arrived and assisted the Deputies along with the North Dakota Game & Fish. The driver of the vehicle refused to open the doors upon commands and continued to try to get unstuck. The Deputies smashed the windows out and forcibly removed the driver who resisted arrest. During this altercation, a pit bull from the suspect vehicle came out and bit one of the Deputies twice. The pit bull was eventually taken into custody by the Eddy County Sheriff's Department. The driver of the vehicle was charged for fleeing a peace officer, resisting arrest, as well as possession of Methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, and ammunition by a felon. The suspect also had federal arrest warrants by the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. There were also two other people in the vehicle including a pregnant female. They were taken to the Carrington ER to get medically cleared after the incident. While at the hospital, the Eddy County Deputy accidently let the pit bull out of the Eddy County vehicle. Suspect was transferred to Stutsman County Corrections. Throughout the weekend, the Carrington PD received numerous calls about the pit bull. On 5-18, Foster County Sheriff's Department received word that the Carrington PD had seen the dog on the north end of town. Carrington PD shot the dog. The dog didn't die, but was wounded, wandering around town, and growling at people. Sheriff's Deputies located and dispatched the pit bull in the city of Carrington, removing the threat to the public and relieving the suffering of the dog."

One can see from the incident above that a situation like this could have become deadly, especially with the type of suspect that our Sheriff and deputies were trying to apprehend. Chairman Bill Bauer stated that our police officers need the proper equipment to protect themselves in their service to our community, and the other commissioners agreed that a taser gun should be purchased.

Note: Once again, the commission made a good decision in appointing Ian Mattice as our sheriff. Thanks to him, his deputies and other Carrington city law enforcement officers, our citizens were protected from harm.