Friday, March 27, 2015

Another Taxpayer Ripoff Discovered in Foster County, ND

Another Taxpayer Ripoff Discovered in Foster County, ND

During the Foster County Commission Meeting on Tuesday, March 17, 2015, Ted Keller asked questions about the 3% pay increase that county employees and officers received on January 1, 2015. His questions were based on payroll reports that all employees got a 3% increase with one exception - that being Foster County Treasurer, Noreen Barton.

It appeared on the surface that Ms. Barton had received a 10% increase. When the commissioners were questioned, no one had an explanation for the discrepancy, so they requested Ms. Barton to join the meeting.

When Ms. Barton was asked for an explanation as to why she received a 10% increase in pay, she answered by stating that she had assumed a "new" additional position from the County. According to her, she had assumed the position of Risk Management, and former officials Straley/Risovi/Greger had penciled in $3,000 for this position in the 2015 budget.

It's interesting to note that up until this time, there was no such position budgeted because it had always been part of the Auditor's office and duties. It is simply the job of making sure that insurance gets paid and proper payroll reports are made to WSI. This responsibility was part of the Auditor's job and covered by her regular salary.

How convenient that Straley/Risovi were able to pad one of their friend's payroll for such a nice sum of $3,000, a job which previously cost the taxpayers nothing.

Along with the missing $5,500 Game & Fish money, what other unethical, perhaps corrupt, actions will the present Foster County Commission find as they continue to investigate what took place during the past Straley/Risovi administration?

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