Monday, March 23, 2015

Deuces Wild (Dueling Pianos) Performs at CrossRoads

Saturday night at CrossRoads was LOADS of FUN! The entertainers, Deuces Wild (Dueling Pianos) had the crowd going wild from the moment they started their show till the very end. Right now I want to apologize profusely to anyone who was there who may not like the pictures I took! But please, I'm praying you have a sense of humor when you see yourself in a variety of rather abnormal positions with all kinds of interesting expressions on your faces. I mean, there are laughing faces, scrunched up faces, puzzled faces, hiding faces, frowning faces, mischievous faces, hysterical faces, maniacal faces, inebriated faces... all kinds of WONDERFUL faces having a good time. I really did try to sort through and pick out a few photos to represent the night's entertainment, but in the end I published all of them but the blurry ones. I hope you find a picture you like... one that makes you smile.

Personally speaking, I really enjoyed all the fun and laughter last night and watching everyone have a good time. The thing that impressed me most though, was when everyone just spontaneously stood up and gave Dolly Footitt a big round of applause when she was introduced. Deuces Wild was trying to think of a song to play for her era, gave up and settled on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," which was written in 1939. For those of you who don't know, Dolly was born in 1914, so you can understand why they had a problem thinking of a special song written during her first decade here on Earth. What the guys didn't know, though, and what was so perfect about their choice, was that it was the special song that was played at her daughter Joanne's memorial service this last year. When I was driving Dolly home later, that was the first thing she wanted to talk about, about how surprised and pleased she was that they chose that song to play for her. As far as I'm concerned, I wouldn't be surprised if Joanne didn't have a hand in it... 

As someone who bought a ticket for the show, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who made Saturday night such a big success. Not only were the entertainers, Dave Elchholz and Ted Manderfield, absolutely amazing, but there were so many local people who contributed to the festivities. The CrossRoads board and Sue Fangman, the manager, chose well when they selected the entertainment. Brenda Gorseth from Woodward Farm and her crew did a great job of catering the event. They even had excellent help from local high school students who are members of the CHS Golf Club. Thanks to them, the meals were served quickly to approximately 200 people. Quite an effort on everyone's part! And, last but definitely not least, I want to applaud all the people in the audience who didn't hesitate to get up front and become part of the entertainment. You were funny and crazy and talented, and your sheer enjoyment of being there was absolutely contagious.

Congratulations to all of you who participated in helping CrossRoads become an even more exceptional golf course that can be enjoyed, not only by our whole community, but by visitors from all over the state and country.

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