Friday, September 19, 2014


We have recently come in possession of Jess Earle's contemporaneous notes which outline Risovi's abuse of her office and her wasting taxpayers' dollars on a daily basis. As you will discover, the notes start on June 19, 2014, nine days after the Primary Election, in which Risovi was trounced two to one. At that point Risovi apparently decided she wanted her fulltime EM job back and started on the process of trying to make Jess Earle quit her job so Risovi could re-assume her previous position.

According to Earle, Risovi's discovery of these notes were the reason her computer was taken away and replaced with a typewriter. 

Read these notes and judge for yourself if Risovi is anything other than a fraud who has more experienced/capable people doing her work for her - all the while claiming their efforts for herself. Apparently, Risovi sits around wasting taxpayer dollars, playing on the internet, and gossiping with her courthouse friends throughout the day. Yet, she constantly complains to the public about being so overworked. As always with Risovi, there is the Risovi reason for her actions ... in this case for firing Jess (the unathorized use of a county vehicle), and then there is the REAL REASON (as stated above).

There will be more documents forthcoming as they become available to us.

Here are copies of the notes that Jess started and continued taking as Risovi began making it harder and harder for her to do her job and continue working as Assistant EM Manager:

(Please click on each image for a larger view.)

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