Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hope Tries To Aid Foster County Commission - Straley Kicks Her Out!

Hope Carr presents a well-documented report regarding the ND Game & Fish funds that Auditor Risovi reported missing at the last Foster County, ND commissioners' meeting. Hope points out that Risovi has been lying all along and and that she is to blame for the "supposedly" missing money. The auditor  simply has not been doing her job of collecting the fees from the vendors who sell the licenses.  Yet, Risovi and Straley turned the investigation of the missing money over to the Bureau of Criminal if it were the fault of the former auditor, Roger Schlotman.  (One begins to wonder if Schlotman is guilty of anything with the main witness against him being perjuring/lying Teresa Risovi!)

Hope called for the resignation of Auditor Risovi due to her inability to do her job, possible tampering with records,  using inappropriate language, constant lying and slander.  Chairman Paul Straley then pushed his panic button and called in a deputy sheriff to banish Hope from the meeting, although many community members wanted to ask her questions about her investigation. Commissioner Carr asked Straley to allow Hope to continue, but Straley would have none of that! Carr than went on to make a motion to have Hope continue with her presentation, and asked Greger for a second. As always, in the end Greger always backs Straley and Risovi, no matter what. You can hear the concerned citizens voicing their disappointment and disgust.

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  1. Did anyone notice how Chairman Mao Straley demands that Hope only talk about “facts” to begin with? As soon as Hope starts reeling off the “facts” he can’t handle it. He then switches to demand that Hope quit bringing up facts because He is not going to have “Court” at the commissioner’s meeting. Can the chairman talk out of both sides of his mouth any better? He's a pro!!!