Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Risovi's Typical Solution to Problems - Call the BCI

As usual, Foster County Auditor Risovi has NO CLUE where many important items are in her office.  This scene took place at the Foster County North Dakota commissioners meeting on August 19, 2014.  She is explaining to the commissioners that over $5,000 worth of ND Game & Fish money cannot be found, and she has NO CLUE where it is.  This money should have been paid to the State at the end of the 2013 season, but according to her, it is simply missing.  

Of course, Risovi's solution to the problem is, as usual, turn it over to the BCI (ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation).  There must be some criminal element involved!  Funny thing is, after some terrific investigation by Hope Carr, a great deal of the money seems to still be with the vendors who sell the licenses... maybe all of it.  It was Risovi's job to collect the money at the end of the licensing year, but she didn't do it.  

This is just another example of Risovi's incompetence as Auditor.  Of course, Risovi blames the whole thing on someone else, just the way she did with her absentee ballot fiasco.  In her mind, she can do no wrong, and she keeps trying to convince others that she is doing a good job.

Interestingly enough, after listening to the excellent investigative report by Hope Carr to the commissioners, Risovi seems to have found some of the missing Game & Fish money.  Strangely though, neither she nor Chairman Straley want Hope Carr's help.  In fact, as many of you saw and know, Straley actually called a sheriff's deputy in and kicked Hope out of the commissioners meeting, even though many citizens wanted to ask her questions about her investigation.

To top it all off, from what we understand, Hope has asked to be on the agenda at the next commissioners meeting which takes place on October 2nd, and she has been denied!  

Of course, at the last meeting, Hope did a great job of pointing out that Risovi wasn't doing her job, that she lied, that she withheld important information from the public, that she was responsible for missing documents from the Auditor's office and that Risovi was basically unfit to be Auditor... and Hope had a book full of documents to back up her assertions!  

So... I guess we can kind of understand why the Risovi/Straley team won't allow Hope's basic right to freedom of speech at "their" meeting.  Nothing can be allowed that might diminish their power.

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