Monday, September 8, 2014

Auditor Risovi Strikes AGAIN! (Part 2 in the Continuing Saga)

Foster County Auditor Risovi has once again proved her gross incompetence to hold any position of authority or responsibility. As you may have heard by now, Risovi fired Jess Earle (Assistant Emergency Manager), the very same person that she touted as the most qualified candidate for the Emergency Management job for Foster County. In this particular case, Risovi was right about Jess' qualifications. Her qualifications far exceed Risovi's! Jess has a B.S. in Emergency Management from NDSU, as well as another advanced degree! Let's see... does that compare with Risovi's online degree in psychology?

So, why did Risovi fire Jess? When you're dealing with Auditor Risovi, or people of her ilk, there are always two reasons why they do something. There's the REAL reason, and then there's the reason they tell you.

In this case, the reason Risovi tells you (and which she has posted online)  is that someone, a friend of Jess, at his own expense took the county vehicle that Jess uses as Assistant Emergency Manager, to be detailed (without Risovi's permission). According to Risovi, his act of kindness and consideration allegedly caused the county some extraordinary insurance issue. It seems that Risovi has now become an expert on insurance coverage. Did she not realize that this driver undoubtedly has his own insurance which extends to every vehicle he drives if there is no underlying coverage?

Now to the real reason that Auditor Risovi fired Jess. As we all know, Risovi's lack of votes in the June Primary Election just didn't work out for her. In other words, come November, Risovi is NOT going to be Auditor, so she thinks she will fall back to her old Emergency Management job. In fact, Commissioner Les Greger in one of the commission meetings, suggested that if she loses the November election, she might be able to keep the EM job full-time. Therefore, Risovi may be thinking that if she eliminates the one person who is more qualified/experienced for the job, then she will be more likely to keep the EM job after she loses her Auditor's position.

Once again Risovi puts her selfish interests above that of the taxpayers of Foster County. As you recall, when Auditor Risovi was voted in by Paul Straley and Les Greger, she immediately fired Sarah Aberle, the one person who was more qualified for her job and who knew the in's and out's of the Foster County Auditor's office. Yes, Risovi is one "public servant" who always puts the public second to her own interests.

(Let's see... how many more days till November 4th? Stick around, Jess. We're predicting the EM position will be opening up again, and we would love to have someone who is truly qualified for the job.)

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