Wednesday, October 8, 2014

SA Murphy Sets Straley Straight

Foster County State's Attorney Paul Murphy "Sets Commissioner Paul 
Straley Straight" at the October 7, 2014 Commissioners Meeting.

BACKGROUND:  During the last commissioners meeting on September 16, 2014, Hope Carr presented documented research  explaining where the Game & Fish money was that Auditor Risovi (because of her incompetence) claimed was missing.  Straley/Risovi without doing much investigation had turned the matter over to the BCI as if some criminal act was involved. 

Hope Carr called for the resignation of Auditor Risovi due to her inability to do her job, possible tampering with records, using inappropriate language, constant lying and slander. Chairman Straley had a deputy sheriff remove Hope from the meeting because he didn't like what she was saying.

CURRENT VIDEO:  Foster County State's Attorney Paul Murphy set Chairman Paul Straley straight about constitutional rights regarding the redress of grievances to a government entity.  He emphasized that Hope Carr had presented her research and concerns to the commission in an orderly fashion, and that Straley had no reason to threaten her with arrest.

In fact, SA Murphy told Chairman Straley that he was subjecting Foster County to monetary law suit damages by not allowing citizens to speak, by placing them under threat of arrest,  and by having the sheriff remove them from the commissioners meetings.  In his opinion, Straley is leading the county in the wrong direction by acting the way he does.

Chairman Straley, as usual, rejected everything that the State's Attorney had to say, and emphasized that he STRONGLY disagreed with him. He has to keep order, and the way to do that is to have the sheriff remove people like Hope Carr from the meetings, who in his opinion won't stop "ranting and raving."

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