Wednesday, October 15, 2014


As a person who has been a victim of false general allegations from Foster County Auditor Risovi, I find it interesting that she has finally discovered the ND Century Code. However, as we would expect from her incompetence, she's quoting it incorrectly in the October 13, 2014 issue of The Independent to attempt to infringe upon voters' rights. Criticizing someone who has a Risovi sign in one's yard, or telling that person you don't plan on doing business with them because they have a Risovi sign in their yard, is illegal ACCORDING TO RISOVI LAW. Really?!!

Now, let’s examine some ADMITTED violations of the North Dakota Century Code in the June 10th, primary election -- all done by Auditor Risovi.

This is a list of her ADMITTED violations of election laws:

Count 1. Class A Misdemeanor NDCC 16.1-07-14.
• Risovi mailed out two absentee ballots in violation of NDCC 16.1-07-08. The applications for these absentee ballots did not have the required signatures. When asked about this, “I made a mistake.”

Count 2. Class A Misdemeanor NDCC 16.1-07-14.
• Risovi mailed out 10 to 100 absentee ballots without the required secrecy envelopes in violation of NDCC 16.1-07-08(2). No one knows how many votes this affected or how many voters were disaffected not to vote.

Count 3. Class A Misdemeanor NDCC 16.1-07-14.
• Risovi voted at the canvass board to accept two absentee votes that failed to have the required signature on the absentee voter application in violation of NDCC 16.1-07-12, which requires the application signature match the signature on the affidavit. How can a signature that doesn’t exist be compared or matched?
These votes were illegally counted at the first meeting of the canvas board. After an inquiry by the Secretary of State the canvassing board reconvened and voted to not count the illegal votes.
Let's us not forget that Risovi lied to the first canvassing board that she could not find any law in the Century Code covering the signing of the absentee ballot application.

Count 4. Class C Felony
• After the first canvass board met and finalized the canvass of the vote, Risovi prepared and filed with the Secretary of State a false canvass of the vote. She knew it was false because she knew that the two illegal absentee votes were counted in the canvass total.
After the recount it was discovered that there were three hundred extra votes blamed on “computer error.”

Filing a false canvas of the vote is covered by ND Century Code:
16.1-01-12(1)m. Willfully make any false canvass of votes, or make, sign, publish, or deliver any false return of an election, knowing the same to be false, or willfully deface, destroy, or conceal any statement or certificate entrusted to the individual's organization's care.

Just look at all the admitted violations of election law by Risovi. THIS PERSON IS THE LAST TO GIVE A LEGAL OPINION. Does anyone really trust this person with an election? Call States Attorney Paul Murphy and ask him why Risovi has not been charged with just the violations listed here. She admitted to each of these violations and it's a matter of record.

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