Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ANOTHER TANTRUM? Risovi Throws Your Absentee Ballots All over the Courthouse Floor

One continues to shake one's head with wonder at the things that go on in the Foster County Auditor's office.

In this video... which was filmed on the steps of the Foster County Courthouse after today's commissioners meeting... Bill Bauer is explaining what happened when he went to the Auditor's office to inquire about the security of the absentee ballots which are being received by Risovi every day.

As you know, Bill Bauer is a well-respected member of Foster County and was the top vote-getter for commissioner during the June Primary. Because of Risovi's mismanagement of the Primary absentee ballots, Bauer was properly concerned and asking that the ballot box in Risovi's office be sealed for better security.

Believe it or not, Auditor Risovi was so incensed by Bauer's request that she picked up the ballot box, tipped it over and literally threw all the voters' ballots down on the floor! Foster County sheriff, Mike Tufte, was there to witness Risovi's childish temper-tantrum and her disrespect for the voters' ballots.

Obviously, Bill Bauer takes his position seriously as a potential commissioner for Foster County. You can imagine how he felt when Risovi threw the voters' ballots on the floor.

However, since the ND Century Code says the county auditor is in charge of elections, Risovi has full control of the absentee ballots - even though she is on the ballot, herself, running against a contender for her own office. Doesn't seem right, does it, especially when you have an auditor who has questionable ethics.

Just watch the video as Bauer explains what happened in Risovi's office.

(...apologies for the quality of the video with all the background noise...)

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  1. Through the "Freedom of information Act", Could you get the video from inside the Auditors office? I believe Bill is telling the truth.