Tuesday, January 27, 2009

$1 Billion State Surplus: What To Do with It!

How many of you (Foster County/Carrington citizens) keep up with our North Dakota State legislature? Take a look at a recent article in the Jamestown Sun, highlighting the debate that is currently going on about our state's $1 billion surplus.

The Jamestown Sun Published Tuesday, January 27, 2009:
BISMARCK —"The surest, fairest way to give the state’s surplus back to the taxpayers is an income tax rebate sent out as soon as possible, a Fargo legislator said. But other legislators said at a hearing Monday that the voters sent a message in November that they don’t want an income tax cut." More...
Rep. Rick Berg, R-Fargo, has introduced House Bill 1324, which would return $100 million of the estimated $1 billion state surplus via tax rebates based on taxpayers’ 2008 state income tax returns (2007 income). However, Rep. Lonnie Winrich, D-Grand Forks, worries that taxpayers will spend the money paying down debt instead of spending it on things that will stimulate the economy.

Seeing as how North Dakota tax payers (you and me) helped create this $1 billion surplus, wouldn't it be nice if the legislature asked us our opinions on the subject? Perhaps some taxpayers have been asked, but have any of you been contacted personally, asking for your input? Have you written, called, e-mailed any state public officials to state your views regarding this surplus? Often we are so busy with our immediate personal lives that we don't involve ourselves with "government."

But, just think about it....

If the state has such a large surplus, doesn't that mean that we were immensely overcharged with our taxes. When we get overcharged in other areas of life, like at any business establishment, isn't it the normal consequence that we get the overcharged amount back? Agreeably, the state should keep some money in reserve, but shouldn't the rest be returned to the taxpayers.

If you want to voice your opinion regarding this issue, contact:

District 29 (Foster County - Carrington Representative) Republican
Representative Chet Pollert - Address: 560 South Sixth Street, Carrington, ND 58421-2317
Telephone: 701-652-2494 - E-mail:

District 29 Senator (Representing Foster County) Republican
Senator Terry M. Wanzek - Address: 900 Seventh Avenue SW, Jamestown, ND 58401-4542
Telephone: 701-251-6113 - E-mail:

Or, choose from a list of contacts at the North Dakota State Government website .

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  1. This just shows you that Privatization is a fraud. ANd that Hamiltion Economics prevails over the free market. Larouchepac.com
    Audit the Federal reserve corp
    We need a National Bank.