Saturday, January 12, 2019

ND House of Representatives Wants to Do Something about Robocalls! Hooray!

Kudos to anyone who can do something about robocalls! These robocalls are so aggravating! Besides all the unwanted ad/nuisance calls, I've had calls saying I was in trouble with the IRS, that I might be arrested if I didn't return the call, that a relative needed money for an emergency... and more! 

Now I don't answer a phonecall if it's from out of state. I figure if it's important the caller will leave a message. Now, however, I'm getting robocalls with the ND prefix!!! 

Think about what this means to a business. For example, my husband can't ignore calls the way I do because he gets business calls from all over the United States. He has to answer all his calls in case it's an important business call. I hear him hanging up on robocalls all day long. There are so many of them!!! (As I'm typing this, my husband just got a robocall saying our Google business listing is in jeopardy... which isn't true.)

 I hope something can be done about this because being on the "no call" list definitely doesn't work anymore! By the way, how are YOU handling your robocalls?
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