Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Minus 60 Degree Wind Chill Predicted

January 29, 2018  --  Hello Everyone! Hope you're having an awesome Tuesday... no matter what your weather is like! 

We went on a trip to Harvey today and experienced A LOT of blowing snow... also ice and built-up snow across the road at times. 

This was not a good day to be traveling anywhere in this area! The temperature got lower as we traveled back to Carrington... minus 20 degrees around 3pm... and by 12Midnight should be -32 with a windchill of -53. 

The fact that there is no school today or tomorrow (Wednesday) in Carrington tells you how serious this weather is. 

If you live in Arizona, Texas, Florida, etc.... you can see why a lot of snowbirds migrate your way at this time of year! 

Thanks to each of you for dropping by Carrington News today. We'd love to hear about your weather (and pictures) if you have time.

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