Thursday, January 7, 2016

Foster County Commission Chairman Josh Dreher Called for State's Attorney Murphy's Resignation.

Josh Dreher - Foster County ND - Commission Chairman
BREAKING NEWS  01/05/2016: Foster County Commission Chairman Josh Dreher Called for State's Attorney Murphy's Resignation.
After a lengthy discussion at the Foster County Commission meeting today - January 5, 2016 - Chairman Josh Dreher called for State's Attorney Murphy to resign. Voices of frustration were heard throughout the meeting from both Chairman Dreher and Commissioner Gussiaas regarding Murphy's poor performance as State's Attorney for Foster County. Reasons given for their frustration with Murphy included the facts that he seldom shows up for commission meetings, that he doesn't give them valid legal advice, that he says he will get back to them with legal advice but doesn't do it, that he uses his office for personal preferences as opposed to public fairness and the good of the community.
Paul Murphy - Ex Foster County State's Attorney
Also, during the meeting, Ted Keller was on the agenda to point out that most, if not all, of the procedural problems of the new country shop were the direct fault of State's Attorney Paul Murphy. Keller stated that Murphy failed to advise, counsel and direct the commission in the proper procedure of handling the construction process of the shop from its inception. He stated that to make matters worse Murphy advised the commission in an executive session to disobey the law because insurance would cover the county for any losses. Keller went on to play parts of the executive session, pointing out how Murphy misled the commission.
Ted Keller - Foster County Resident
Lastly, Keller pointed out that he had been threatened by Murphy about six months ago regarding a post on this website. He disclosed to the commission that he feared reprisals from State's Attorney Murphy. He produced a copy of an email from Murphy in which the ND State's Attorney stated that "Law enforcement can either be your friend or your enemy, it is your choice." Keller went on to say he has been hesitant to come forward because of the threat from Murphy.
After Keller's presentation, the commission continued discussing Murphy's position with the county. They decided to have a special meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, at 8:30 p.m. to discuss the matter further.
Watch the entire meeting which will be televised on Dakota Central's Channel 17 this week, and judge for yourself whether Murphy should resign or be removed from office.

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