Monday, February 2, 2015


Things seem to be running much more smoothly at the Foster County Courthouse nowadays.  After Commissioner Paul Straley and Auditor Teresa Risovi were defeated in the November election, and were replaced by Chairman Bill Bauer and Auditor Casey Cables, a lot of county business has been accomplished in an orderly fashion.

Our community owes a special thank you to the following people who have kept our county government running during this very unusual transition period where many county officials resigned their positions.

Commission Chairman Bauer and Commissioner Jim Carr appointed Pat Copenhaver to the position vacated by Les Greger, so now we have a full commission to oversee the County's committments and business responsibilities.

Auditor Casey Cables, with assistance from Heather Martin, Noreen Barton and others,  completed the tax committments left behind by ex-auditor Teresa Risovi - and sent them out to the public on time.  

Heather Martin took over the responsibilities of Emergency Manager until Jess Earle was recently hired to replace the other position vacated by Teresa Risovi. Jess will be sworn in at the commission meeting on February 3, 2015.

Recorder Lynelle Hoppe and her assistant, Lisa Scanson, took over the responsibilities of the Clerk of Court, an office evacuated by Tamara Becker and her assistant.  Leasa Lura was sworn in to that position at the last commission meeting.

Henry Head, Deputy Sheriff - with the help of the Carrington Police Department and Eddy County police officers - covered the duties of Sheriff Mike Tufte who also resigned without notice from his position. Ian Mattice, former police chief of Lamoure, was sworn in as Sheriff and is now working on finding a new deputy to repace Danielle Rosewaren.

A new resignation came to light today.  Dana Scherr has resigned from her position as Foster County Tax Director, so that is another position which needs to be filled as soon as possible.  

As well, since Cheryl Fettig has been released from her job as janitor at the courthouse, the commissioners will advertise soon for a replacement for her vacated position.  Hopefully, the new job description of the janitor will include mowing the courthouse lawn without having to pay that person an extra $3,500 to do so.  Also, it would be nice if the new janitor could wax the courthouse floors, so we taxpayers don't have to continue paying someone else to come in and do that.

Although many changes are still taking place, if you visit the Foster County Courthouse nowadays, you will find that the "atmosphere" is much improved.  A lot of good teamwork is going on with the welfare of Foster County being kept in mind.  However, some old issues still need to be addressed, and unanswered questions still need to be answered.  

For instance, what happened to the missing Game & Fish money and missing records?  Over $5,500 is still unaccounted for. Was this problem actually turned over to the BCI as Paul Straley and Teresa Risovi stated, or was this just another one of their misrepresentations?  Who is responsible for finding out the answers to these important  questions?  It will be interesting to see how the new commission addresses these questions after they work out other more pressing problems and settle into a more comfortable administrative environment.

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