Friday, December 5, 2014


Most likely these Foster County resignations are part of a scripted plan by soundly-defeated Auditor Risovi as payback to the voters for solidly rejecting her in the November 4th election (2 to 1). Her confidants at the Courthouse are the ones who are resigning. One may speculate that the resignations are Risovi's planned punishment for all the voters of Foster County. One could also speculate that these resignations were a direct result of Paul Straley being defeated and no longer having control over the Foster County government. Therefore, the perks and privileges that these "public servants" enjoyed under the Straley/Risovi administration will soon be coming to an end under the new chairman, Bill Bauer. In other words, the Straley/Risovi party at the Foster County Courthouse is now over.

Another reason for quitting may have been that Bill Bauer would require them to come before the commission on a regular basis and answer his questions, as well as the questions of the citizens themselves. He had announced that he would like to have regular meetings of the department heads and employees so the Foster County community could see how their taxes were being used. This idea was obviously revolting to this Risovi group.

Lastly, Risovi blames the resignations on a hostile work environment which apparently is the opinion of those who resigned. It's easy to see that these "public servants," when held accountable by the taxpayers, can't stand the scrutiny. Risovi and this group believe that being held accountable is analagous to being in a hostile work environment. Good-bye and goodluck to all of them. We hope they try their luck in the private sector and see how well they fare with these attitudes.

Once it is thoroughly realized that the Bill Bauer administration intends to hold every single County employee accountable to the taxpayers, we speculate there will be other vacancies to fill. 

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