Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Porridge & Petitions in Carrington, ND

PORRIDGE & PETITIONS: Just had soup at the Putnam House, and it was yummy! A big thanks to the ladies who organize this event every year for the Putnam House... and also to the great soup makers who contribute to the event every year. I met lots of friendly people there today. When I asked them to sign a petition to expand the number of Foster County commissioners to five, most of them were happy to comply. I got the same reaction elsewhere in town while I was shopping. People are definitely ready for a change and can see the benefit of having five commissioners instead of three. Thanks to Vern Anderson, there are quite a few petitions going around town, so if you would like to sign one, I'm sure you can find someone who has one to sign. If not, contact Vern at 652-3405 - or myself (Judy Keller) at 650-0103.

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