Monday, March 31, 2014

Please Attend the Foster County, ND Commissioners Meeting - April 1, 2014 - 8:30 AM

Numerous topics will be discussed at the next Foster County Commissioners meeting.  One of the biggest and new questions is... why did the newly appointed Auditor, Teresa Risovi, fire Sarah Aberle who has for about a year worked successfully and efficiently as Assistant Auditor and then Auditor?  If Risovi truly had the good of the county in mind, shouldn't she want a successful, experienced person as her assistant?  Instead, she waited till the end of the working day on Friday, told Aberle that she had decided to hire someone else (a person without any Auditor's experience), and basically handed Aberle her walking papers.

Other rather controversial issues to be discussed are: 
How Teresa Risovi's salary was calculated
The recall petition for Les Greger
Gussiaas resignation letter
Resignation of Kathleen Murray as Assistant State's Attorney
Public records and meeting notice requirements 

We need to shine a light on what's going on with our county government... both negative and positive aspects.  DakTel is helping do this by televising the Foster county Commissioners meetings at different times during the following weeks of the meetings.  All those who wish to witness your government at work firsthand... how it spends/wastes your dollars... should attend and let Chairman Straley know that every time he and the commissioners act people will be watching.  The more people who attend the meeting, the better!

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