Friday, June 22, 2018

Phone Call Scams

Thanks to Foster County Sheriff Johnson for calling our attention to recent scam calls. It seems like they just don't stop! If you click on the link to the ND Attorney General's site, you'll probably find examples of the type of call you've been getting.
I keep getting a robot voice saying that I have serious allegations against my name and that they will press charges against me if I don't return their call... and they actually leave a different phone number each time. 😡
Another call I received was about a niece (which they named) who was in a foreign country in jail who needed money for bail and to get home. I immediately called relatives on another line and was told that she was just fine at home in North Dakota. I guess a lot of grandparents are receiving this type of call... and they actually follow the directions and send money.
Most of the people I've interviewed say if they don't recognize the number, they don't answer the call... that if it's important, someone will leave a voice mail. Have you noticed that many scam callers are using local state area codes now, so you think the call might be from someone local? Tricky scamsters!!!
How do you handle calls like this? #carringtonnewsnd #scamcalls

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