Saturday, April 1, 2017

Visiting Dolly Footitt at the Lutheran Home of the Good Shepherd

Freda Myers, Jocelyn Zink, Claudia Timm, Dolly Footitt
It was a delight visiting with Dolly Footitt in New Rockford today.  She is staying at the New Rockford Lutheran Home of the Good Shepherd while she recuperates from her bout with high blood pressure.  Claudia Timm, Freda Myers and I really enjoyed our visit with Dolly and her great-great-granddaughter, Jocelyn.  What fun listening to these two "older" close friends (102 and 95 years young) reminisce about family, friends and places from the past.  Freda told lots of great stories with Dolly chiming right in and with Claudia adding details and information. 

I took quite a few pictures so Dolly's friends and family can see how well she's doing.  Also, when Freda told us that many of her kids had seen Dolly on Facebook, I told her that I'd make sure they could see lots of pictures of Freda, too.  :)  As you can see from her pictures, she is a very expressive, friendly, upbeat person... just like Dolly.

As for Claudia Timm, she made sure the trip happened, picking Freda and me up and driving us to New Rockford.  Also, since we arrived at the time for Dolly to have her hair done, Claudia volunteered to roll and style her hair for her.  In one of the photos you can see Dolly dozing off under the hair dryer while Freda is entertaining us. 

Dolly's "great-great" Jocelyn flew up from Arizona to spend time with her grandma while she's getting better.  You can tell that Dolly is so proud of her... telling us about "all the houses" she's selling!  Jocelyn is a real estate agent in Phoenix, having moved there recently from Colorado.

All in all, it was quite an enjoyable day with Dolly... and a pleasant, new experience for us.  The staff at the Home of the Good Shepherd were all extremely helpful and very friendly.  The building itself is very attractive inside with lots of cheerful decorations and cozy places to visit with each other.  And, Dolly's room is located on a corner with large windows all around so she can enjoy the view outside.  Jocelyn says they are going to put a bird feeder outside so Dolly can enjoy watching the birds... one of her favorite pastimes.

As you know, Dolly is a very friendly person who would love to have visitors.  Please feel free to drop in to see her at any time during the day.  

Also, Dolly loves to receive cards and calls!  Here is her address and phone number:

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