Thursday, June 19, 2014

Phone Calls Recorded at the Auditor's Office without Telling Callers

Foster County Commission Chairman Paul Straley and Auditor Teresa Risovi have been recording phone calls that come into her office at the Foster County Courthouse - without telling callers that they are being recorded. Take a look at what happens when Commissioner Carr wants one of the phone tapes played so State's Attorney Paul Murphy can listen to it at the June 17, 2014 Foster County Commissioners Meeting..

Since Auditor Risovi knew that her conversations were being recorded, you would think that she would be careful of what she said.  However, there was an aspect of the recording device that I don't think she was aware of.  You see, after the main phone call was finished, sometimes there were long minutes of silence; then suddenly the device would activate and record conversations that were going on in the office.

In this video, the recorded phone tape that Straley doesn't want to be played has Auditor Risovi using profanity to describe State's Attorney Paul Murphy and using very unkind words to describe his secretary.  It doesn't paint a very nice image of our Foster County Auditor.

Note:  These recorded phone tapes were acquired by using a public records request.  Any citizen can ask for public records at the Foster County Courthouse, and by law they are required to give them to you.

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  1. Looks like they are taking lessons on governing from the Regime in Washington, DC.