Saturday, April 26, 2014

Beware the Auditor of Foster County, ND

Auditor Teresa Risovi and Commissioner Chairman Paul Straley

One must be careful nowadays when you enter the Foster County Auditor's office... especially if you're there to request public records. Foster County Sheriff's deputies are close at hand, seemingly ready to escort you out, if the auditor, Teresa Risovi, doesn't like you or your "tone." As well, have you heard that your phonecalls are being recorded without your consent? Not a very welcoming or citizen-friendly situation....

I truly think everyone in our community should BE AWARE OF and BEWARE of what's going on at our Foster County Courthouse. 

I personally experienced being told by Teresa Risovi to leave her office and was "walked out" of the auditor's office by two Foster County Sheriff's deputies... along with my husband, Ted Keller. I was there to request the log of the people who had requested public records in the last month because during the last commissioner's meeting, in her report Risovi only mentioned and emphasized names of people who think she was not legally appointed auditor. 

Ted was there to request a copy of Risovi's "Oath of Office" to make sure that she had been sworn in as Auditor legally. Risovi's response to Ted's request was that she didn't know where the Foster County oaths of office were located in her office, and that she had three days to provide him with her Oath of Office or any record that was requested. She raised her voice to tell us to leave her office, and that's when two deputies showed up behind us and walked us out the door. They were nice about it actually, but I felt rather uncomfortable and intimidated by their escort. 

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