Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Foster County Courthouse - Carrington, North Dakota

"The Foster County Courthouse is one of the thirteen Buechner and Orth courthouses in North Dakota named to the National Register of Historic Places by the Secretary of the Interior in 1980. The building, both inside and out, has remained virtually unchanged during its 70 years of service to the citizens of the county. Its stark outlines are now obscured and softened by trees which reach as high as the pediment over the front entrance. It no longer gives the impression of standing isolated on the flat prairies, residences have been built as close as across the street on two sides. The exterior brick and stonework show only a minimum of weathering and wear, and there are no obvious cracks or uneven settling of the structure. The copper sheathing of the dome, now covered with aluminum paint, still shines from the distance on sunny days." (Description is taken from A History of Foster County, compiled by the Foster County History Book Committee in cooperation with the Foster County Commission and in conjunction wit the Foster County Centennial - 1983:) It was absolutely rewarding wandering through this impressive building... taking photos of many of its unique and beautiul aspects.

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