Monday, September 18, 2017

Honoring Kaye Hier-John - Prairie Paws Rescue

Kaye Heir-John is a well-known, loved person in our Central North Dakota area. I first contacted her years ago when I saw an article in the Jamestown Sun about her Prairie Paws Rescue organization. I loved what she was doing and volunteered to do a website for her.

I can't even begin to tell you the number of animals she and her volunteers have rescued over the years... thousands, for sure! Sometimes I had a hard time keeping up with posting all the pictures of animals ready to be adopted. When Kaye' s daughter came back from Afganistan, she took over the website, and they have continued to work wonders with rescuing and finding homes for needy animals. 

The fact that Kaye is a DJ for Big Dog Country 95.5 in Jamestown and her daughter is a DJ for The Buzz in Nashville has really helped in supporting the work that they do for Prairie Paws Rescue. Kaye has made many great connections with "Country" stars who have helped support her fundraising events in many ways. 

All in all, I continue to admire and greatly respect Kaye Hier-John for all the hard work and effort she has put into accomplishing something she really believes in.... and I'm so glad we made that friend connection on Facebook so many years ago.

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(I will continue to link all of Kaye's PPR posts to my Carrington News site and hope that helps out. The fact that her posts get lots of hits is a sign that people pay attention and really like what she is doing. Way to go, Kaye!!!)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Inside the Foster County Courthouse Dome

Leo Straley, contractor in charge of restorning the Foster County Courthouse dome...
 Have you ever been inside the Foster County Courthouse Dome in Carrington, ND? Did you write your name on the brick wall? If so, you might see your name in some of the pictures we took today.

Upon discovering all the different names and dates written on the bricks inside the dome, Leo Straley (the contractor in charge of restoring the dome) asked us to help document them by taking pictures and creating a registry of all the names and dates.

Straley thought that people in our community might be interested in this historical aspect of our courthouse... particularly since some of the signatures date back to the early 1900's. In fact, when we go back to take more careful pictures, I'm hoping that we'll find signatures written in 1910 when the courthouse was built!

Just think. Many of the people who signed these bricks in the last 100 years are very likely relatives of folks who live in the Foster County area today! Fascinating history!

After the dome is restored, we'll return tp take a careful picture of every signature and date. In the meantime, take a look at the quick shots that we took today.

Hope you enjoy this aspect of the dome restoration!
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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Foster County, ND - Courthouse Dome Renovation - Stained Glass - Part 2

The Foster County Courthouse Dome stained glass artwork without light shining through...
Wow!  I'm really impressed with all the interest in our Foster County Courthouse dome project.  I received many views (over 8,000 so far) with lots of great comments from my visitors on my Carrington News Facebook site!   After reading the comments, I see that I need to explain more clearly what is happening with the dome restoration.  

After a lot of research and input from building experts, the ND Historical Society, and the community, our Foster County Commissioners voted to have the courthouse dome restored.  Leo Straley was awarded the contract, and his pictures show part of the restoration process inside the dome... ABOVE the stained glass artwork.

At some time during the last 100 years, the top of the stained glass had been completely covered inside the dome, therefore not allowing light to pass through to the courthouse below.  When Straley removed the wood covering above the glass and cleaned off the accumulated dust and debris, the light shining through the glass accentuated its true beauty.

When the dome was built in 1910, with lots of light coming in from the large dome windows, it allowed people in the courthouse below to see the stained glass as it was originally intended to be seen.

The picture which accompanies this post shows the stained glass as visitors to the courthouse have seen it for many, many years ... without light beaming through it.  Although still beautiful, I think you might agree that the radiant colors of the glass, aren't truly appreciated without a light source.

The question now is whether to cover the glass back up as it was, to cover it with lights added inside, or to leave the cover off so natural light can show through to the courthouse below.  What do you think is the best solution?
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Foster County, ND - Courthouse Dome Renovation - Stained Glass - Part 1

This is a picture of the floor being removed above the stained glass in the courthouse dome.
Leo Straley, owner of General Roofing & Construction, uncovered the stained glass skylight in the Foster County Courthouse dome this week. He's wondering if anybody knows when this was originally covered.
Notice the beauty of the stained glass as the grime is removed .
This is the old roof which covered the stained glass...being removed... and the light starting to shine through.
As you can see from his pictures, the accumulation of dirt and debris covered the beauty of this 100-year-old-plus work of art. 

The true colors of the glass really start to show up....
When he removed the plywood covering and cleaned the glass, the light which shined through revealed its true beauty. 

At this point, it's undetermined whether the glass will be backlit, covered with plywood, or left for natural light to shine through. Wouldn't it be nice if it could be restored to its original condition? What do you think? 

From inside the courthouse... looking up at the stained glass and murals...
 Such beautiful art, created  over a hundred years ago!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

"HEMP DAY" at Roger Gussiaas Farm

Roger and Nurgul hosted a "Hemp Day" at their farm in Carrington on Wednesday, May 17, 2017.  It was quite an educational experience, learning how they process hemp and change it into many useful products.  Judging from the many attendees, the day was a great success.

Many interesting people... involved in hemp education, technology, production and use... gathered to discuss and exchange their information and products.  Of particular interest was Rick Trojan and persons who accompanied him on his Hemp Road Trip:  D.J. Nicke (Co-Founder of Cannapedia; Michael Carmany {from Industrial Hemp Research Foundation); and others.

This group is traveling around the country "to raise awareness of hemp through a nationwide grassroots campaign, educating citizenry, gather commitments to cosponsors Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015, influence state senators and representatives, promote domestic hemp businesses, educate farmers on the benefits of planting hemp and to document nationwide campaign."

Did you know that hemp is classified as a complete protein?  It has all the essential amino acids that are necessary for the good health of the human body.  One of the products that the Gussiaas family manufactures is a hemp meal which can be placed in any food to make it a complete protein.  It is good in shakes, smoothies, cereals, etc.

As well, Gussiaas also produces hemp oil which is rich in Omega 3-6 essential fatty acids.  Many people are beginning to realize the importance of these Omega-3-rich oils for the good health of their immune systems.

And, just think!  These wonderful, health-giving products are manufactured right here in the Carrington area!   Please contact Gussiaas for more information about his business and how you can attain the products that he manufactures and ships around the world.  Phone 701-652-3078.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Carrington City-Wide Yard Sales

Time to get ready for Carrington's City Wide Yard Sales... especially if you're going to sell things!
As for me, my friends and I always try to get around to every sale. For some reason or other, people practically give away some wonderful items.
For instance, I have at least 6 excellently framed paintings/prints from these yard sales. One of the prints from England is listed at 235 British pounds without the frame. I even tried to talk one seller from selling me a beautifully framed print for $10 (one that would sell in someone's shop for $400). He said he was happy for me to have it since it was just sitting in their attic not being appreciated by anyone. Every day when I look at these prints, I feel so grateful to the people who sold them to me. For them, these things were surplus...whereas for me they are treasures.
Also, if you're looking for furniture, our yard sales are the place to go for great buys. For instance, I've seen beautiful couches for $10-25, a solid wood queen bedstead for $8, mattresses for $10, an oak dining set for $40, all kinds of vintage glassware for practically nothing, baby/children's clothes that look like they've never been worn, an abundance of children's toys/games, garden and shop tools galore, camping equipment, and so many items just too numerous to mention!
If you want to be sure everyone knows about your yard sale, you can list it with the Chamber of Commerce, and it will be listed in the Foster County Independent. Some people choose to put up a sign in their front yard for the event without advertising... and that seems to work just fine, too. Also, you're welcome to post your yard sale on Carrington News for no charge.
The more information out there, the better the sales will be!
Happy buying and selling!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Have a Blessed Easter

I love this picture of Dolly Footitt who turned 102 on October 4, 2017.   The reason I'm writing about her on Easter is she is such a wonderful example of a totally "nice" human being!  We have been "running around" together for quite a few years... with her telling me entertaining stories about local places, events and people.  Since I only moved to Carrington in 2004, I'm quite a newcomer to the area, so Dolly does her best to fill me in on all the years since 1915 (her birth year) that I missed out on.  I never get tired of listening to her!

Right now Dolly is staying in the New Rockford Lutheran Home of the Good Shepherd.  She had a problem with high blood pressure a few weeks ago, went to the hospital, and wound up being placed in this rest home until she can take care of herself again.  You can imagine how she feels... in one room without being able to move about as she pleases.  

Before a few weeks ago, Dolly did all of her house cleaning, scrubbing floors, vacuuming, taking care of her yard, raking leaves, feeding the birds and squirrels, baking wonderful goodies for church and fundraisers, creating and sewing quilts and all kinds of sewing projects.  She even got a 4-year renewal on her driving license in October!  An amazing woman!!!

To be honest, I haven't paid much attention to rest homes in the past, but now that Dolly is in one, I want to find out all I can bout them.  So far, I've been really impressed with the New Rockford Lutheran Home of the Good Shepherd.  It's very spacious and clean and has lots of great activities going on.  The people who work and volunteer there have been very friendly and helpful... and the food looks yummy!

The only drawback I see is that Dolly isn't getting enough physical therapy and help with walking that she needs so badly.  Her legs are weak from being in bed so long, and she needs to walk in order to get her leg-strength back.  Of course, that's only my lay-person's opinion, but I have a feeling that many medical professionals would agree with the importance of getting regular exercise.

I'm thinking about starting a program called "Walk with Dolly" -- where people could sign up to walk with her every day.  😍  In fact, I wonder how many people would like to become "Walkers."  Just think what a wonderful help that would be to so many older people who need someone to walk with them.  After all, many of us who are dog owners take plenty of time to walk our animals.  Why not spend some quality time walking our older friends?!!!  

Anyway, since I'm out of the state and can't be with my friend Dolly today, I'm asking God's blessings on her on this very special day.  I'm hoping that she's getting lots of visitors and love and cards. When I called her today, she said her room was full of flowers and cards... so a big THANKS to everyone who has taken the time to visit or send a card to Dolly.!

And to all of you who are reading this article... HAPPY EASTER and God bless you!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Visiting Dolly Footitt at the Lutheran Home of the Good Shepherd

Freda Myers, Jocelyn Zink, Claudia Timm, Dolly Footitt
It was a delight visiting with Dolly Footitt in New Rockford today.  She is staying at the New Rockford Lutheran Home of the Good Shepherd while she recuperates from her bout with high blood pressure.  Claudia Timm, Freda Myers and I really enjoyed our visit with Dolly and her great-great-granddaughter, Jocelyn.  What fun listening to these two "older" close friends (102 and 95 years young) reminisce about family, friends and places from the past.  Freda told lots of great stories with Dolly chiming right in and with Claudia adding details and information. 

I took quite a few pictures so Dolly's friends and family can see how well she's doing.  Also, when Freda told us that many of her kids had seen Dolly on Facebook, I told her that I'd make sure they could see lots of pictures of Freda, too.  :)  As you can see from her pictures, she is a very expressive, friendly, upbeat person... just like Dolly.

As for Claudia Timm, she made sure the trip happened, picking Freda and me up and driving us to New Rockford.  Also, since we arrived at the time for Dolly to have her hair done, Claudia volunteered to roll and style her hair for her.  In one of the photos you can see Dolly dozing off under the hair dryer while Freda is entertaining us. 

Dolly's "great-great" Jocelyn flew up from Arizona to spend time with her grandma while she's getting better.  You can tell that Dolly is so proud of her... telling us about "all the houses" she's selling!  Jocelyn is a real estate agent in Phoenix, having moved there recently from Colorado.

All in all, it was quite an enjoyable day with Dolly... and a pleasant, new experience for us.  The staff at the Home of the Good Shepherd were all extremely helpful and very friendly.  The building itself is very attractive inside with lots of cheerful decorations and cozy places to visit with each other.  And, Dolly's room is located on a corner with large windows all around so she can enjoy the view outside.  Jocelyn says they are going to put a bird feeder outside so Dolly can enjoy watching the birds... one of her favorite pastimes.

As you know, Dolly is a very friendly person who would love to have visitors.  Please feel free to drop in to see her at any time during the day.  

Also, Dolly loves to receive cards and calls!  Here is her address and phone number: