Tuesday, September 6, 2016

CONGRATULATIONS to Bill Sutherland - Menards Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Bill Sutherland - Employee of the Month at Menards in Jamestown!

We're so glad that Menards appreciates Bill Sutherland's expertise in their electronics department and is honoring him as "Employee of the Month."    I wonder if the store manager and his fellow workers in Jamestown have seen the side of Bill that so many of us here in Carrington appreciate.  

Of course, most of us with computers have benefited from Bill's  Carrington Computer business, his knowledge of electronics, and his ability to raise computers from the dead.  I love to tell the story of how he came to service a dead computer at my house... and while he was just standing there talking about it, it came back to life... as if the mother board wasn't blown and it hadn't been sitting with a black screen for days.  It lit right up and worked fine without him doing a thing except look at it.  

The folks in Carrington also appreciate Bill's way with plants and gardening.  A lot of us have flower and vegetable gardens filled with his plants which thrive well in our area.  He likes to experiment with different varieties of plants and even raises seedless tomatoes for people who love tomatoes but can't digest seeds.  He has helped his wife Phyllis create and nurture Dakota Girl Gardens where he has created some beautiful and clever flower arrangements.  For instance, the flowering boot in this photo is one of his creations. 

 We're happy that Bill is enjoying his employment at Menards, and we're very glad that they are showing how much they value his service.  However, we miss the days when he had time to visit our offices and homes during the day to brighten up our lives with some of his special plants.  And, we miss having lunches with him and Phyllis in their greenhouse when it was freezing outside during the coldest months of the year.  Hopefully, on some cold winter day, when Bill isn't working at Menards, we'll get another fun invitation to one of his greenhouse lunches.  A special treat to look forward to! :)