Friday, June 28, 2013

More Foster County Fair Photos... FUN!

          If you went to the Foster County Fair in Carrington, ND this year, you just might find yourself in one of these photos.  It was FUN walking around the fair, talking to people and trying to take pictures of everything that was happening!

          If you notice that a LOT of pictures are of people sitting in a big walk-in tub, that's because that was the booth where I was displaying a tub from our company, Central City Remodelers.  People who came to visit were really good sports and let me take their pictures while I was telling them all about the attributes of a walk-in tub.  Actually, I had more fun visiting with people than I did talking about the tubs and barrier-free showers... but, don't tell my husband that!  I think I was supposed to be "marketing the product."  :)

          I'm sorry to say that I couldn't stay for the 4-H livestock show and auction this year.  I really enjoyed taking everyone's pictures last year with their animals.  I even got to bid at the auction for our company - a first for me - and won the bid on a beautiful sheep that Sayge Bonn had raised.   Today when I was taking pictures, Sayge thanked me again for last year's bid and explained how it had helped her with this year's projects.  Needless to say, I'm so proud of and impressed with all these young people who put so much work and effort into their 4-H activities. They are a GREAT group of younsters who give me hope for the future!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fun at the Foster County Fair - Carrington, North Dakota

     I'm definitely sold on the Foster County Fair in Carrington, North Dakota!  There were so many fun-filled events, contests, exhibits, carnival rides, and interesting people having a good time.  This fair had all the ingredients of a great "down-home" country extravaganza with young people showing off their livestock, good cooks presenting their best recipes, a banana bread baking contest, a community sing, lots of fun entertainment and plenty of drawings and prizes.

     The Carrington community needs to thank the Fair Board for organizing and putting on such a GREAT event!

(Note:  Click on any photo for a larger view which can be downloaded if you like it.)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Carrington Health Center's New Outpatient Wing

The Open House at Carrington Health Center on Wednesday, June 19th, featured a tour of their new Outpatient Wing.  Participants were able to see all the changes that have taken place since the Holy Family Villa was dismantled.  In place of the Villa, that area now houses offices and facilities, such as Central Dakota Physical Therapy, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Wellness and Disease Management, Diabetes Educators, Dietitians, Infection Control, Risk Management, Spiritual Care, Speech and Occupational Therapy,and Mercy Home Health and Hospice.

The newly furbished meeting rooms, offices and patient-care rooms were nicely decorated and furnished.  As well, the greeting area for outpatient services was well designed, looking very efficient and welcoming.

Part of the tour included a visit to the Radiology section of the hospital where one could see the new digital mammography equipment and comfortable room updates.  This was funded by a grant from the Harry B. and Leona M. Helmsley Trust.

After the tour, Dr. Page gave a presentation on varicose vein treatment.  He explained the surgery that he does to treat varicose veins, and he answered questions from the audience.

Personally speaking, I think that Carrington is very lucky to have such a great health facility. Hopefully, it will continue to be located here in the future.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Birders in Carrington 2013

 It was fun meeting with birders who gathered at the Putnam House after a week of participating in our Potholes & Prairie Birding Festival. From 23 states and Canada, they are a GREAT group... super interested in birds and super interesting, themselves. Listening to them made me want to participate in the event next year! 

All in all everyone I talked to seemed very pleased with their tours and their birding adventures. They praised the coordinator of the event, Ann Hoffert, saying that everything was extremely well organized.  They mentioned many times that they really liked our area and all the friendly people who went out of their way to say hi or offer help.  

Some of the birders met their goal of identifying over 100 birds!  It made me realize what an AWESOME variety of birds that we have in our area!!  Several birders from New York mentioned that they had booked the event and reservations in our area over a year ago... just to see the birds that we mostly take for granted.

Here's a big THANK YOU to all the birders who invested their time and energy here.  Hope to see you again next year!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Favorite Photos from 2012 - Carrington, North Dakota

 I love wandering around Carrington, going to many of the activities that take place here, taking photos of its many attractions... Here are some of my favorite pictures that were taken in 2012. If you live in Carrington, you may find a glimpse of yourself here! Hope you enjoy the slideshow! Note: A few of these photos were taken by friends who gave me permission to use them.

Foster County Courthouse - Carrington, North Dakota

"The Foster County Courthouse is one of the thirteen Buechner and Orth courthouses in North Dakota named to the National Register of Historic Places by the Secretary of the Interior in 1980. The building, both inside and out, has remained virtually unchanged during its 70 years of service to the citizens of the county. Its stark outlines are now obscured and softened by trees which reach as high as the pediment over the front entrance. It no longer gives the impression of standing isolated on the flat prairies, residences have been built as close as across the street on two sides. The exterior brick and stonework show only a minimum of weathering and wear, and there are no obvious cracks or uneven settling of the structure. The copper sheathing of the dome, now covered with aluminum paint, still shines from the distance on sunny days." (Description is taken from A History of Foster County, compiled by the Foster County History Book Committee in cooperation with the Foster County Commission and in conjunction wit the Foster County Centennial - 1983:) It was absolutely rewarding wandering through this impressive building... taking photos of many of its unique and beautiul aspects.

The Chieftain - Carrington, ND

The big chief who towers over the Chieftain Conference Center in Carrington is well-known throughout North Dakota.  It's quite common to see tourists stopping to take pictures of this colorful giant.  In these photos I tried to get some different angles of the chief, so you can truly appreciate his magnificence.  Be sure to click on the picture so you can see all the different aspects.

Golf for Kids at CrossRoads Golf Course

On May 13, 2013, the Kiwanis and Lions Clubs hit the CrossRoads Golf Course greens with Carrington kids who wanted to learn how to golf. This is a great yearly event which introduces the game of golf to young people - some who will incorporate it into their lives for a lifetime.   It was fun seeing so many kids excited about golf, as well as seeing so many adults having a great time with them.  Here's a BIG round of applause for the Kiwanis and Lions Clubs!!

Carrington, ND Water Tower

Our Carrington water tower is unique with its patriotic perspective.  I took these photos rather late in the day, so my camera picked up some unusual colors from the sun.  When I return from a trip, it's always nice to see the tower in the distance and know that I will be home soon.