Friday, June 28, 2013

More Foster County Fair Photos... FUN!

          If you went to the Foster County Fair in Carrington, ND this year, you just might find yourself in one of these photos.  It was FUN walking around the fair, talking to people and trying to take pictures of everything that was happening!

          If you notice that a LOT of pictures are of people sitting in a big walk-in tub, that's because that was the booth where I was displaying a tub from our company, Central City Remodelers.  People who came to visit were really good sports and let me take their pictures while I was telling them all about the attributes of a walk-in tub.  Actually, I had more fun visiting with people than I did talking about the tubs and barrier-free showers... but, don't tell my husband that!  I think I was supposed to be "marketing the product."  :)

          I'm sorry to say that I couldn't stay for the 4-H livestock show and auction this year.  I really enjoyed taking everyone's pictures last year with their animals.  I even got to bid at the auction for our company - a first for me - and won the bid on a beautiful sheep that Sayge Bonn had raised.   Today when I was taking pictures, Sayge thanked me again for last year's bid and explained how it had helped her with this year's projects.  Needless to say, I'm so proud of and impressed with all these young people who put so much work and effort into their 4-H activities. They are a GREAT group of younsters who give me hope for the future!

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