Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Courthouse Dome Restoration

There's quite a view from the top of the Foster County Courthouse dome! Leo Straley, the contractor in charge of the restoration of the dome, likes to take pictures of the work as it progresses.
 Here Straley is photographing one of the four round windows that are being installed at the top of the structure. There are eight much larger and heavier windows which will he and his crew will be installing next.
Although installing the heavy windows is a rather difficult task, Straley says it is easy compared to the detailed restoration work that he and his crew are doing inside and around the dome... due to the intense wood and metal damage that has amassed over the years.

 According to Straley, their work is progressing well, even though they discovered more involved damage than prevously thought.

As far as the Carrington community is concerned, It's comforting to know that our wonderful courthouse dome .. as well as the stained glass, murals and beautiful interior...will now be safely protected as our North Dakota winter approaches.

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