Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Foster County, ND - Courthouse Dome Renovation - Stained Glass - Part 2

The Foster County Courthouse Dome stained glass artwork without light shining through...
Wow!  I'm really impressed with all the interest in our Foster County Courthouse dome project.  I received many views (over 8,000 so far) with lots of great comments from my visitors on my Carrington News Facebook site!   After reading the comments, I see that I need to explain more clearly what is happening with the dome restoration.  

After a lot of research and input from building experts, the ND Historical Society, and the community, our Foster County Commissioners voted to have the courthouse dome restored.  Leo Straley was awarded the contract, and his pictures show part of the restoration process inside the dome... ABOVE the stained glass artwork.

At some time during the last 100 years, the top of the stained glass had been completely covered inside the dome, therefore not allowing light to pass through to the courthouse below.  When Straley removed the wood covering above the glass and cleaned off the accumulated dust and debris, the light shining through the glass accentuated its true beauty.

When the dome was built in 1910, with lots of light coming in from the large dome windows, it allowed people in the courthouse below to see the stained glass as it was originally intended to be seen.

The picture which accompanies this post shows the stained glass as visitors to the courthouse have seen it for many, many years ... without light beaming through it.  Although still beautiful, I think you might agree that the radiant colors of the glass, aren't truly appreciated without a light source.

The question now is whether to cover the glass back up as it was, to cover it with lights added inside, or to leave the cover off so natural light can show through to the courthouse below.  What do you think is the best solution?
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