Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Foster County, ND - Courthouse Dome Renovation - Stained Glass - Part 1

This is a picture of the floor being removed above the stained glass in the courthouse dome.
Leo Straley, owner of General Roofing & Construction, uncovered the stained glass skylight in the Foster County Courthouse dome this week. He's wondering if anybody knows when this was originally covered.
Notice the beauty of the stained glass as the grime is removed .
This is the old roof which covered the stained glass...being removed... and the light starting to shine through.
As you can see from his pictures, the accumulation of dirt and debris covered the beauty of this 100-year-old-plus work of art. 

The true colors of the glass really start to show up....
When he removed the plywood covering and cleaned the glass, the light which shined through revealed its true beauty. 

At this point, it's undetermined whether the glass will be backlit, covered with plywood, or left for natural light to shine through. Wouldn't it be nice if it could be restored to its original condition? What do you think? 

From inside the courthouse... looking up at the stained glass and murals...
 Such beautiful art, created  over a hundred years ago!

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