Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dolly Footitt Thanks the Kubals

I recently posted a picture of Dolly Footitt on my page along with her special thank you to her neighbors, the Kubals.  It went like this:

Dolly Footitt wants to say a special thanks to the Kubal family who live across the street from her. "Thank you, Jerome, Teresa, Auna and Matt for digging me out of the big snow banks around my house. I hope you like the brownies I made for you!" (As many of you know, Dolly is one of the oldest residents in Carrington. She turned 102 on October 4th this year... and pretty much takes care of herself. She does all of her own housework, gardening, cooking, baking for herself and others, and drives herself to church on Sunday. Shoveling heavy snow is too much for her, though, although she probably doesn't like to admit it. It's really nice to know that the Kubals are watching out for Dolly and helping her with difficult situations like this. She is especially happy now that she can get outside to feed the birds that she was so worried about. So, KUDOS TO THE KUBALS for being Dolly's great neighbors and friends. God bless you.)

I wish I had a picture of the Kubal family to post along with this article.  They are a wonderfully thoughtful family and should be recognized around the Carrington community.

Here are a few more pictures of Dolly which I took at the Federated Church Holiday Fair this year in December.  That's where Dolly goes to church and helps out at all the festivities.  This year she made a coconut cream pie and chocolate pie for the luncheon.  I noticed that when ordering their lunch, many of the ladies asked specifically for a piece of Dolly's pie.  She's a marvelous baker!

 In the years that I've known Dolly, since I moved to North Dakota in 2004, we've become the best of friends.  We go to most of Carrington's special events together, drive to Jamestown to shop and have lunch at Perkins, have coffee with our friends at the Prairie Inn on Fridays, drive all around Carrington taking pictures, and have coffee/pie/cookies/bars at her house quite often. 

Dolly may be 102 years old, but she is young at heart and an absolute delight to be around.  I am so grateful for her friendship.

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