Friday, December 30, 2016

Dolly Footitt - All's Well That Ends Well

December 30, 2016 -- I'm posting Dolly's photo now that she's out of the hospital. She didn't want me to post her picture and worry everyone while she was there. Just like her... thinking of everyone else! She thinks that she got panicked because she felt trapped in her house by the snow... and her blood pressure went up. 

Dolly spent two nights in the hospital, the 28th and 29th to get her blood pressure down and went home today, the 30th. The first thing she did when she went home was start cleaning her house... and she tripped, fell and hit her head on the cabinet, and created what some people call a goose-egg bump...quite big. Just at that time I was coming over to have coffee with her... and immediately took her back to the hospital. Poor Dolly!!!

Doc Geier had already given her every test in the world while she was in the hospital the first time... except a brain scan. This time he gave her a brain scan, said she had a great brain, and Dolly said that was good news, and I took her home again. 

What a day! Everything turned out okay, though, thank God. Dolly is such a trooper, though... didn't complain about anything. She's at home now, taking it easy. No house-cleaning for a few days! Now would be a good time to give her a call and wish her well. 

(The above picture of Dolly was taken on December 28th, at 102 years old. Isn't she beautiful!!!)

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