Thursday, December 2, 2010

Carrington, North Dakota Blog

If you haven't done so already, I would like to invite you to take a look throughout my website, CarringtonNews.Com. It's basically a guide to Carrington, North Dakota, and the surrounding areas - obviously not a real newspaper, like the Foster County Independent. It's a site that I do just for fun – not money. People are able to place free ads in the classified and real estate sections, and I don’t charge for links to business websites. Since blogs are so "in" nowadays, I guess you could call CarringtonNews.Com Judy Keller's Carrington, North Dakota Blog.

I love to take pictures of the area, and CarringtonNews.Com gives me a place to display my photos and make them available to the community. Just recently I took lots of pictures of the 100th Anniversary of the Foster County Courthouse, so whoever took part in that will most likely find a picture of him/herself online at my website. (Just click on the photo that you like, and it will take you to a larger image which you can download and save or print.)

There are also 2010 pictures of the 4th of July parade, the Foster County Fair, the Youth Rodeo, the Carrington Library opening, the Cabin Fever Quilt Show, as well as LOADS of community photos from the past three years.

CarringtonNews.Com also gives people from across the United States and the world a chance to see what Carrington looks like and to see some of the fun activities that go on in our community. You might be surprised at how many people drop in to my website every day from all over the world. Although a website tracker doesn't tell me who is visiting my site, it does tell me their location in the world, and it's rather exciting to see visitors from faraway places, such as Switzerland, India, the Russian Federation, New Zealand, Japan, Romania, China, Israel, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Singapore, Morocco, Ukraine, Bahamas, Chile, and a multitude of other countries. In fact, I have frequent visitors from the Netherlands, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Norway, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy and the Philippines. I sometimes wonder if someone in our community has relatives/friends from those areas in particular - since many of them come back again and again to check out what's happening here.

Many visitors find CarringtonNews.Com by using a search engine, such as Google. They type in words, such as "carrington, nd" - "carrington news" - "carrington events" - "carrington nd obituaries" - "carrington nd class reunion" – “carrington nd movies” ... or, they specifically type in the names of people and/or businesses that are located in Carrington. Since my website links to other informative sites, such as the Carrington Chamber of Commerce, the City of Carrington, the official site for Foster County, the Carrington Health Center, Carrington High School and Elementary School, and many other sites, visitors have a good chance of finding the information they need.

More and more, I receive messages from people (many of them who used to live in this area) who say they really appreciate CarringtonNews.Com. I would like to thank them for their phonecalls and e-mails because it encourages me to continue with something that I love to do.

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