Monday, June 11, 2018

Vote for Kara Brinster for Foster County State's Attorney

BREAKING NEWS for Foster County Residents --

Carrington News has just been informed by ATTORNEY KARA BRINSTER of Carrington that she would like to be a write-in candidate on tomorrow's ballot for Foster County State's Attorney. 

After numerous requests from Foster County residents, she has decided to campaign for the office. She mentioned that she is at a point in her life now where she feels comfortable that she can hold the office and do a good job for Foster County. 

In order to vote for Kara at the polling booth tomorrow, be sure to fill in the bubble on the ballot and write in her name: KARA BRINSTER. Better still, you might want to take the correct spelling to the polls with you, so the vote is entered correctly. 

From what we understand, Kara needs 27 or more votes in the primary election in order to be on the November ballot for Foster County State's Attorney. 

Thanks to Kara, we now have another choice for this important office. 

Remember: fill in the bubble and write KARA BRINSTER.

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