Thursday, April 20, 2017

Carrington City-Wide Yard Sales

Time to get ready for Carrington's City Wide Yard Sales... especially if you're going to sell things!
As for me, my friends and I always try to get around to every sale. For some reason or other, people practically give away some wonderful items.
For instance, I have at least 6 excellently framed paintings/prints from these yard sales. One of the prints from England is listed at 235 British pounds without the frame. I even tried to talk one seller from selling me a beautifully framed print for $10 (one that would sell in someone's shop for $400). He said he was happy for me to have it since it was just sitting in their attic not being appreciated by anyone. Every day when I look at these prints, I feel so grateful to the people who sold them to me. For them, these things were surplus...whereas for me they are treasures.
Also, if you're looking for furniture, our yard sales are the place to go for great buys. For instance, I've seen beautiful couches for $10-25, a solid wood queen bedstead for $8, mattresses for $10, an oak dining set for $40, all kinds of vintage glassware for practically nothing, baby/children's clothes that look like they've never been worn, an abundance of children's toys/games, garden and shop tools galore, camping equipment, and so many items just too numerous to mention!
If you want to be sure everyone knows about your yard sale, you can list it with the Chamber of Commerce, and it will be listed in the Foster County Independent. Some people choose to put up a sign in their front yard for the event without advertising... and that seems to work just fine, too. Also, you're welcome to post your yard sale on Carrington News for no charge.
The more information out there, the better the sales will be!
Happy buying and selling!

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