Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Touching the Sun with Dolly Footitt

Here is my "most recent" favorite picture of my friend, Dolly Footitt, who will be 102 years old on October 4th.  Sunflowers are her favorite flowers, and as she says, "Touching a sunflower is like touching the sun..."   I'm very thrilled to say that this photo won the "Photo of the Day" award on the "Capture Dakota" photography website... all due to Dolly's sweetness, of course!

Dolly and I drove all around the Foster County area this last week, admiring all the crops and taking lots of pictures of them.  No matter how hard we tried to give attention to all the wonderful crops in our area, we mostly concentrated on the sunflowers.  We just couldn't stay away from them.  Even though it was rather hot and muggy, Dolly said she just had to get out and touch them.... so she did!

Here are a few more of the pictures that I took that day....   I especially like the ones with the Carrington Water Tower peeking above the field of sunflowers.  You can tell exactly where these fields are located since there is no other water tower in the state.. or the country, for that matter... with such a patriotic tower overlooking the city.

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