Thursday, June 18, 2015


Bill Bauer Submitted His Resignation to the Foster County Commission
At the June 16, 2015, Foster County Commissioners Meeting, the current commissioners voted to give all qualified Foster County residents a chance to become the next commissioner.

As you know, and sad to report, Chairman Bill Bauer has recently had to resign his position because of serious health issues, The community is lucky that Bauer has served this long, because since his election in Novermber, 2014, Commissioner Bauer has managed to help straighten out many of the problems which were taking place at the Courthouse. Commissioner Jim Carr expressed his appreciation for Bauer's exceptional service and asked if he could possibly stay until November. Bauer explained that he would like to stay on, but his doctor has encouraged him to resign because of recent health issues, and his family agrees that he should resign and focus on getting well.

After some discussion about how to choose the next Foster County commissioner, Jim Carr and Pat Copenhaver voted to let community members who are interested and qualified have a chance to serve as commissioner until the next election. All a person has to do is submit an up-to-date resume giving their qualifications for the position and turn it in to Auditor Casey Cables' office at the courthouse. The commissioners will review the resumes, make a decision, and announce the person of their choice as soon as possible.

As Jim Carr expressed, this method takes away the stress of the present commissioners trying to find a qualified candidate,and talk them into taking the job. This way, they will know that the applicants are truly interested in being a commissioner.... without someone pressing them take the position.

So, if you are truly interested in becoming a Foster County commissoner, here's your chance! More details about how to apply for this position will be posted in the next Foster County Independent.

NOTE: As someone who has applied for professional jobs and has served on hiring committees, I would like to suggest that you attach a personal letter to your resume, explaining why you would like to be a Foster County Commissioner. I don't know if the commission will ask for that, but it's an excellent thing to do. (Just be sure to have someone proofread it for you.) Express some of your personal values and tell what you would like to accomplish for the community. And... best wishes to you! ~Judy Keller

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