Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Avery Gets a Bath at Pampered Paws

It was fun taking Avery to Pampered Paws to get a bath.  Katie Geske, who runs the business, obviously likes her furry clients and does a good job of caring for them!  

Katie had quite a few critters in her care... for different reasons.  There were several waiting to be groomed, some were being cared for while their parents were on vacation,  and some like Avery needed a bath and nails clipped.

I stayed for a while and watched Katie do some hair-clipping.  The pup she was grooming at the time seemed very happy with what she was doing and actually stretched at different times so Katie could get better access to all his parts.

Since this was Avery's first time to a groomer, he was a little concerned about getting up into the bath area.  He objected fairly strongly at first and turned into a 110 pound slippery eel, but Katie was insistant, and her experience won out.  Once Avery was in the tub, he accepted his fate and became very docile while Katie ran warm water over his back.  That was when I left.  When my husband and I returned about two hours later, Avery was prancing around with some of the other pups looking very sleek, shiny and happy.

While I was at Katie's shop, I had the pleasure of meeting Anne Geske, Katie's grandmother.  She came in for a moment to see which dogs wanted to walk with her to the mailbox which was located about a half mile away at the end of their driveway.  Katie said that her grandmother liked to walk to the mailbox on pretty days, and the dogs loved to follow her.  At this point about six dogs happily took off after Anne, obviously looking forward to the walk.

If anyone asks my husband or me about our experience with Pampered Paws, we would both give Katie a big 5 stars.  Our community is lucky to have such an exceptional person to help us take care of our furry family members.  Thank you, Katie, for putting so much effort and energy into your much-appreciated service!

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