Tuesday, September 9, 2014

More Information Regarding Auditor Risovi's Actions... Misappropriation of Public Resources?

More information has come to light about Auditor/EM Manager Risovi's uncalled-for firing of Jess Earle, her EM assistant.  It looks like Risovi may have purposely created a hostile work environment to get rid of her assistant.  Not only did Risovi cut Earle's work hours, but believe it or not, she took away her computer and gave her a typewriter instead!  One could consider Risovi's act of taking away the EM Assistant's computer a misappropriation of our county resources.  It was the same as if the head of the road department, took away necessary equipment from an employee who blades the roads, and instead gave him a shovel to do the same work.  Deplorably inefficient!

What was Rivosi thinking when she denied an important county resource to an employee who needed it to perform her duties?  How could that employee have possibly connected to the township supervisors and the state officials that have to be contacted by email?  Does Risovi think that one can log on to an email with a typewriter?  Risovi  essentially told her assistant to go stand in a corner like an errant school child. 

How many more law suits does Risovi plan for Foster County?  Does she think it's lawful to create a hostile work environment?  Better still, since when does she have the authority to hire or fire anyone in the Emergency Management office?  Didn't she have to get approval/permission from the commissioners prior to her assistant being employed? Did she get the commission's permission to fire her?   Also, if Earle was such a bad employee, where in any of the Foster Couty Commisssion minutes is it noted that Ms. Risovi was having problems with this employee?  

Lastly,  how fair was it to have some person who was obviously qualified like Jess Earle, move to our town to take this position, when Risovi knew that since her election chances for Auditor were dim, she would be reassuming the EM position herself.  In other words, did Risovi disclose to Earle that her Assistant EM position was incumbent on Risovi being elected as Auditor in November?  It looks like Jess Earle has the makings of a good lawsuit against Foster County... if she so chooses.

What many of us cannot understand is why hasn't Ms. Risovi been fired herself!  Commissioner Carr has emphasized over and over again that she is not qualified for her job and should be fired.  However, Chairman Straley, Risovi's buddy, always talks loudly over Carr and basically tries to belittle his comments.  And, with Commissioner Greger cowtowing to Straley and excusing Risovi's incompetence, our county is in for even more trouble.  As we've stated before, we have quite a team - the Straley/Risovi team - continually working for their own egocentric interests, NOT the interests of the taxpayers of Foster County. 

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